Monday, November 15, 2010

My First Mobile Home Trip

   I woke up at exactly seven twenty-five o'clock ,in the morning.I scarfed down my breakfast. Then,as fast as the speed of light ,I got out of my pajamas and jumped into my clothes.I helped my parents load up the mobile home.Finally,we brought in my dog, Zoose.At last,at about ten o'clock,we left home.
   In about three hours,the trip began.By then,I had read at least one hundred and sixty pages,in my book,The Red Pyramid.Zoose was very restless,I had tried to play with him several times,but none of them were very successful.He just seemed to be lost without my other dog,Riley.Anyway,I had trouble to even make him sit or lay down on the floor.I got hungry,so I got some bread,I would have got a Recces peanut butter cup and a soda.But they were in the cooler,in the back of the RV,and everything was rolling around in the back so I decided to leave it alone since it was not safe.I decided to roll up the blinds because,I realized it was hard to read.
   In another three hours,I had read over two hundred and seventy more pages,now that may seem like a lot,but it has well over fifty-five long chapter,of more than nineteen pages each.The next day we went to Death Valley, and Mount Whitney.That is my story about My First Mobile Home Trip.

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