Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It all started when I was waiting in a huge airport for what seemed like hours. Finally, hundreds and hundreds of people slowly pour onto the Hawaiian Airline. I waited for the plane to taxi to the runway. Then, it gets ready for takeoff.
In several mind numbing hours later, the plane began its slow descent. In another hour, it started to land, first the back two wheels, and then the front single wheel.
Now, in a few minutes, I am slowly, making my way down the aisle to the open door with my HUGE snowboard backpack, feeling like I'm snowboard down a slope, but the moment I stepped out the door, I didn't feel like I was snowboarding anymore, I felt like I was sitting down in the sun in Death Vally, when I stepped into Honolulu. I quickly walked onto the Jetway and then, looked at the garden for an hour and then I got onto the next plane that goes to Kona.
It only took thirty minutes to get there. Then I walked along the crooked Jetway to pick up our luggage and then took the Dollar bus to pick up the rental car, which was a silver Jeep.

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