Friday, November 19, 2010

All About My Dogs

 Zoose can be super playful,but some days,he will sleep pretty much the whole entire day.He is a Saint Bernard.Which is a cold weather breed of dogs.He can get hot really fast with all that hair on his body.Whenever he gets hot Zoose goes to the darkest,coldest, room closest to the air conditioner,and the room with the coolest tiled flooring.Which is in fact the smallest bathroom in our house.Zoose loves to the extremely sandy floor.He is two years old.We also got Zoose in 2008.His birthday is July,fifth.Also,we got Zoose when he was only eight weeks old.
  My other dog is Riley if you have forgotten.He is an extremely good dog,and Riley is a very quiet.Although he rarely growls,he does sometimes growl,when someone or something he does not know approaches him.He loves to chase tennis balls a lot.No matter how long you throw tennis balls,Riley will keep on running out to pick them up in his mouth even if he is super tired.He might become your companion in under ten minutes.He would positively stay by your side all day long.

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