Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sonic and Mario Characters

Sonic is a hedgehog and is blue. He is faster than the speed of sound. Sonic is so fast that you see the motion lines for two whole miles. When he accelerates he turns into a ball.
Shadow is also a hedgehog and he is black and red. He moves a bit slower than Sonic, but he still goes pretty fast. When Shadow accelerates he goes a few feet in the air and glows red. He also wears gold rings.
Silver is also a hedgehog and she is silver and a little gray. She is a bit slower than Shadow, but when Silver wins games she floats in the air and her fists glow a vibrant green. Silver is a princess.
Amy is also a hedgehog and is pink. She is a bit faster than Silver and when Amy accelerates she shoots out a slash of pink light.
Tails is a weasel with three long tails. He is yellow and white. When he accelerates, his tails start spinning out behind him to make him go faster.
Vector is a green crocodile that likes golden bling. He has razor sharp teeth. Vector has pale scales that run down his back.
Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic looks a little like Sonic. He has red eyes. Metal Sonic is made of metal and was made by Dr.Eggman to rival Sonic. He can twist his head, body, and legs a full three-sixty more that five times. He has a jet pack that goes all the way through his body.

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