Saturday, November 13, 2010

All About My Dog Riley

    I have a dog named Riley.He is a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter.His coat is a brilliant red  color.When we first got him on Christmas Eve,he was absolutely silent.Slowly,he grew more talkative each month.So here we are in the present tense.Now Riley barks at everything, from leaves to partiers from across the street.If you let him,Riley will stay by your side all day no matter where you go,from outside in the backyard to the bathroom.The only way to lose him is to sprint,around a corner,and through a door frame.He would love for you to pet and scratch him all day long.The next thing he loves to do is to chase tennis balls all around the backyard,all day long.When you are sitting on the couch, watching television,Riley puts his paws on your lap,stomach,and chest.Riley doesn't want to be away from my other dog,Zoose.It is the truth,on the sixth of November to the seventh.My mother told Riley,"They are gone!"but Riley just started to pace,and then,looked out the window,and my mother told him"Everyone is gone,they will be back tomorrow evening."Finally,she showed him my room,then my parents' room,and last but not least Zoose's bed.And that is my story,All About My Dog Riley.

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