Friday, November 12, 2010

All About My Dog Zoose

 Zoose is a Saint Bernard..The Saint Bernard's name is Zoose .Zoose is brown,black,and white.His face is black around his eyes and there is one small black dot on his forehead and his part of his snout is brown. He is a cold weather dog that naturally lives in Alaska.He likes to sleep all day.But his favorite thing to do is to eat.You need to be careful when you walk into my house,because he hides next to the door to ambush you.He jumps up and on to your chest and if you are, NOT light on your feet he will knock you off balance and send you tumbling into the end table.On cold days Zoose is the opposite of sleeping, he is completely energized,flying around the house,in the morning, with a rope toy that had a preknotted end,jumping up onto my parents' high bed ,wakes up my mom.Then, he crawls into bed with her.After that, he scratches himself and sometimes he hits her on accident.That is my story about Zoose.

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