Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Myth Toons

Hi, these are my Myth Toons and they are my favorites. I enjoy drawing them and I hope you do too.
This is the three way crash:
There are two trucks accidentally driving on the same side of the road and then, a European compact drives into the T at just the wrong time because it got smashed into a pancake and when they tried to take it apart they couldn't because they were fused together, so they had to take it to the junkyard that way.

This is a man on a motorcycle and he is driving at one hundred miles per hour in Africa and a Goliath beetle hit him in the chest and he fell to the ground, dead.
This is a Lego ball and the team need to have lots of help and even then it took weeks. When it was done they rolled it downhill and and with each roll hundreds of Legos fell off, half way through it broke in half and then it fell apart. It never had made it to the finish line.
Here's one more:

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  1. I really like your artwork, and I enjoy reading your explanations. You have a fine sense of detail. Keep it up!