Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Myth Toons

Hi, these are my Myth Toons and they are my favorites. I enjoy drawing them and I hope you do too.
This is the three way crash:
There are two trucks accidentally driving on the same side of the road and then, a European compact drives into the T at just the wrong time because it got smashed into a pancake and when they tried to take it apart they couldn't because they were fused together, so they had to take it to the junkyard that way.

This is a man on a motorcycle and he is driving at one hundred miles per hour in Africa and a Goliath beetle hit him in the chest and he fell to the ground, dead.
This is a Lego ball and the team need to have lots of help and even then it took weeks. When it was done they rolled it downhill and and with each roll hundreds of Legos fell off, half way through it broke in half and then it fell apart. It never had made it to the finish line.
Here's one more:


It all started when I was waiting in a huge airport for what seemed like hours. Finally, hundreds and hundreds of people slowly pour onto the Hawaiian Airline. I waited for the plane to taxi to the runway. Then, it gets ready for takeoff.
In several mind numbing hours later, the plane began its slow descent. In another hour, it started to land, first the back two wheels, and then the front single wheel.
Now, in a few minutes, I am slowly, making my way down the aisle to the open door with my HUGE snowboard backpack, feeling like I'm snowboard down a slope, but the moment I stepped out the door, I didn't feel like I was snowboarding anymore, I felt like I was sitting down in the sun in Death Vally, when I stepped into Honolulu. I quickly walked onto the Jetway and then, looked at the garden for an hour and then I got onto the next plane that goes to Kona.
It only took thirty minutes to get there. Then I walked along the crooked Jetway to pick up our luggage and then took the Dollar bus to pick up the rental car, which was a silver Jeep.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sonic and Mario Characters

Sonic is a hedgehog and is blue. He is faster than the speed of sound. Sonic is so fast that you see the motion lines for two whole miles. When he accelerates he turns into a ball.
Shadow is also a hedgehog and he is black and red. He moves a bit slower than Sonic, but he still goes pretty fast. When Shadow accelerates he goes a few feet in the air and glows red. He also wears gold rings.
Silver is also a hedgehog and she is silver and a little gray. She is a bit slower than Shadow, but when Silver wins games she floats in the air and her fists glow a vibrant green. Silver is a princess.
Amy is also a hedgehog and is pink. She is a bit faster than Silver and when Amy accelerates she shoots out a slash of pink light.
Tails is a weasel with three long tails. He is yellow and white. When he accelerates, his tails start spinning out behind him to make him go faster.
Vector is a green crocodile that likes golden bling. He has razor sharp teeth. Vector has pale scales that run down his back.
Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic looks a little like Sonic. He has red eyes. Metal Sonic is made of metal and was made by Dr.Eggman to rival Sonic. He can twist his head, body, and legs a full three-sixty more that five times. He has a jet pack that goes all the way through his body.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Like to Horseback Ride

I like to horseback ride. I ride a horse named Piper. He is brown, black and white. Piper is very nice to me. I barely have to lightly tug on the reins to change directions.Whenever he looks at me I say "Hi," and he looks happy and turn back.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


These are my falcons.They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Their beak and feathers move.I like to make falcons because they are easy to make.


This is my maze, if you want you can try it.There is a arrow and a dot, that is the door.

Falcon Army

Hi!  This is my Falcon Army! There are falcons ranging in color from red to rainbow.

Paradise Island

Far out at sea, there is a island called Paradise Island. It is called that because of two reasons, one is that every day, spring or winter it is beautiful, two is that what ever you want it is there on a tree, bush or stalk.
Also, many people like the water just as much if not more. There are four reasons, one is that it is shallow for half a mile in a third of all directions, two is that there is millions of species in a range of  size from small to monster all around the island for one hundred miles, three is that there is shallow then deep so you can surf, and four is that there is a harbor that is one hundred feet deep.
There is a clear lake that is three to feet deep it is also full of fish. There are huge Lilli pads with equally large frogs on them all. There are hundreds of big and small flowers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, teal, purple and wild orchid. At the bottom of the lake, there is a door covered in sand and when you open it there is a wax seal where you can get in, but water can't.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Favorite Video Game

   My favorite video game is Sims2Castaway for the PS2. You get to make your own characters, of up to six, and when your done, your crew will get on a boat the game will ask you which Sim you want to start with and then, they party, someone takes pictures, and with each picture, the battery icon gets emptier. When it dies a thunderstorm struck the boat just when they reached the tropical waters, and the party ended because they scattered in to the ocean. Luckily, nobody got hurt. The Sim you chose to start with washes up on first beach. There you get a few of the motives. Which are social, bladder, energy, hygiene, hunger, fun, and environment. In order to fill fun, you could go to the hot springs or blow a conch. Talk to people or imaginary friends, and mourn the dead to fill social. If you swim in the water you get hygiene half full, and the hot springs make it all the way full.

To fill energy, sleeping on a mat and a improvised bed gets it a little full, a provisional bed half full, but a sturdy bed three-fourths full. But hang on, the comfortable bed makes it completely full! Here is what the caption says"With its sandalwood headboard and chicken down mattress and pillow. It is probably more comfortable than the one you have back home." To fill hunger, is obviously to eat, duh. In order to fill environment, you need the most modern things available in plans. It says in the manual that the longer your Sim is on a island, the better things it expects. So environment is one of the hardest motives to keep filled up for me.
But I solved that problem by building a mansion bungalow, a comfortable bed, two bungalow sofas, three bungalow love seats, five bungalow end tables, five chairs, four lamps, an ancient Steele, three chimps of portent, four potted plants, one stove, six dining chairs, a large dining table, eight table lamps, three coffee tables, and about one hundred and twenty-five or so floor mats. My Sim's bungalow mansion has a bedroom, a medium sized backyard, a front yard, a kitchen, a moderate sized porch, a dining room, a master bathroom, an extra-large living room,and the best fire pit available in plans, which is one hundred and seventy-eight feet away from the mansion, so it would not burn down. The fire pit had to be that far away because the fire pit can get as hot as ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The next motive is bladder, in order to fill bladder you need to use toilet paper or the outhouse.
There are four islands, and they are Shipwreck Island, Airplane Island, Volcano Island, and Crystal Island. On Shipwreck Island, I built a mansion shack. But I kept on fixing it before the storms so it would not fall down because it was only made of banana leaves and driftwood. On Airplane Island, I built a hut farmhouse, on the beach you reached by the raft made on Pier Beach. I had a rainbow of orchids. The colors are red, orange,  yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white. I also had six different colors of hibiscus,that are the colors of the rainbow, too. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. On Shipwreck Island, there is a shipwrecked pirate ship, obviously. The pirate ship is on the surface of the water, but I can get on board thanks to the extra wide plank of wood that reaches the shore. It probably came from part of the ship.
There was also one hieroglyphic on the ship. There is often driftwood on the ship. Sadly, you can't go into the hull of the ship.

On Airplane Island, there is a airplane that had crashed, obviously. It landed in the middle of the jungle and broke in half and then flew on the west side and the other side,the larger half landed in the middle of the jungle like a wall because it landed right in between two parallel cliff faces. The airplane's radio fell out of the the plane. There are about three hieroglyphics on that island.

In the heart of the jungle,there is a dark and deep cave. If you have it on Game, you can't see where you are going, or the floor. All you can see is the ponds. But if you have it on Video two, you can see the carvings, the obsidian, one hieroglyphic, and an ancient door that leads to the ancient llama temple where they have fun. But you can't go there until the next island because you need the llama crown which is the key to the door. It is funny how they unlock the door, they put the crown on their head and stick the crown into the lock and it slides open so fast the Sim had to go with the door, and at the last moment they manage to pull their head out of the door. There's also a shallow river with lots of plants.

The Tidal Pools are very shallow, but near the waterfall, it can be extremely deep, so that dangerous sharks have been known to lurk in it's depths. But, I have never caught one single shark,but I found traces of one on a piece of treasure map, because I found half of two pieces of the map from the bottom of the Tidal Pools when I preformed the ceremonial cliff dive, which was one of my many goals, and catch a boar which I did on my farm, when I trapped it at a dead end,literally. So when I got next to it, the boar squealed and my Sim got a red thought bubble with the boar's head in it. Then the fight started when they started to stir up dust so fast and thickly that you could not see them at all. But, it was short and painful, not for the Sim,but for the boar. When the fight is over the boar is gone and in it's place is a lot of ham. Which fills hunger all the way when cooked. If you catch a chicken that's another goal you can complete. Once I saw a chicken, which I scared away when I ran past  it and walked back when it flew away and picked up it's feathers. When I picked it up I got a new plan, that was a chicken coop, but when I built it was so small, that the chicken could not get in it had to stand up on top. You can serenade the chicken, and you can collect the eggs it lays for food by pressing the "X" button.
So back to Tidal Pool there are at least five clam rocks, which you can harvest clams, gold nuggets, jade pieces, treasure map pieces, moonstones, and pearls. You can catch fish like: Chilipepers, King fish, Wazoos, Cow cods, Squid, Tunas, Monk fish, and Breams. You can also catch fish with fish traps. The Tidal Pools might seem like it is completely underwater, but that is not true, it has at least three hundred square feet, but not all in one big clump, it is spread out over six islands. The largest one is the smoothest, but unfortunately not flat enough to build anything at all. The next two islands look almost the same except one has ten trees and other one has eleven trees and is much stepper. The next two are only sand, steep hills, and no trees at all! Finally, the last island is just a huge clam rock that pokes out of the water.

On Cristal Island, there is a lake, where fish is plentiful, if you leave a trap there for two days. On those days I catch five to ten fish. There is a rock outcrop with a perfect circle where you can summon ALIENS, or you can use the radio transmitter. You can harvest very useful clay and some fine sand. I like to have a race that the two competitors are hunger and energy. Energy always won even if hunger is all most empty and energy is full. There are lots of green crystals. Once there was a thunderstorm and my Sim was sleepy, so I tried to build a simple cover but since you need energy, so I could not build it all the way so I had to go to Map, and moved to Volcano Outlook where it was calmer.

Friday, November 19, 2010

All About My Dogs

 Zoose can be super playful,but some days,he will sleep pretty much the whole entire day.He is a Saint Bernard.Which is a cold weather breed of dogs.He can get hot really fast with all that hair on his body.Whenever he gets hot Zoose goes to the darkest,coldest, room closest to the air conditioner,and the room with the coolest tiled flooring.Which is in fact the smallest bathroom in our house.Zoose loves to the extremely sandy floor.He is two years old.We also got Zoose in 2008.His birthday is July,fifth.Also,we got Zoose when he was only eight weeks old.
  My other dog is Riley if you have forgotten.He is an extremely good dog,and Riley is a very quiet.Although he rarely growls,he does sometimes growl,when someone or something he does not know approaches him.He loves to chase tennis balls a lot.No matter how long you throw tennis balls,Riley will keep on running out to pick them up in his mouth even if he is super tired.He might become your companion in under ten minutes.He would positively stay by your side all day long.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My First Mobile Home Trip

   I woke up at exactly seven twenty-five o'clock ,in the morning.I scarfed down my breakfast. Then,as fast as the speed of light ,I got out of my pajamas and jumped into my clothes.I helped my parents load up the mobile home.Finally,we brought in my dog, Zoose.At last,at about ten o'clock,we left home.
   In about three hours,the trip began.By then,I had read at least one hundred and sixty pages,in my book,The Red Pyramid.Zoose was very restless,I had tried to play with him several times,but none of them were very successful.He just seemed to be lost without my other dog,Riley.Anyway,I had trouble to even make him sit or lay down on the floor.I got hungry,so I got some bread,I would have got a Recces peanut butter cup and a soda.But they were in the cooler,in the back of the RV,and everything was rolling around in the back so I decided to leave it alone since it was not safe.I decided to roll up the blinds because,I realized it was hard to read.
   In another three hours,I had read over two hundred and seventy more pages,now that may seem like a lot,but it has well over fifty-five long chapter,of more than nineteen pages each.The next day we went to Death Valley, and Mount Whitney.That is my story about My First Mobile Home Trip.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

All About My Dog Riley

    I have a dog named Riley.He is a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter.His coat is a brilliant red  color.When we first got him on Christmas Eve,he was absolutely silent.Slowly,he grew more talkative each month.So here we are in the present tense.Now Riley barks at everything, from leaves to partiers from across the street.If you let him,Riley will stay by your side all day no matter where you go,from outside in the backyard to the bathroom.The only way to lose him is to sprint,around a corner,and through a door frame.He would love for you to pet and scratch him all day long.The next thing he loves to do is to chase tennis balls all around the backyard,all day long.When you are sitting on the couch, watching television,Riley puts his paws on your lap,stomach,and chest.Riley doesn't want to be away from my other dog,Zoose.It is the truth,on the sixth of November to the seventh.My mother told Riley,"They are gone!"but Riley just started to pace,and then,looked out the window,and my mother told him"Everyone is gone,they will be back tomorrow evening."Finally,she showed him my room,then my parents' room,and last but not least Zoose's bed.And that is my story,All About My Dog Riley.

Friday, November 12, 2010

All About My Dog Zoose

 Zoose is a Saint Bernard..The Saint Bernard's name is Zoose .Zoose is brown,black,and white.His face is black around his eyes and there is one small black dot on his forehead and his part of his snout is brown. He is a cold weather dog that naturally lives in Alaska.He likes to sleep all day.But his favorite thing to do is to eat.You need to be careful when you walk into my house,because he hides next to the door to ambush you.He jumps up and on to your chest and if you are, NOT light on your feet he will knock you off balance and send you tumbling into the end table.On cold days Zoose is the opposite of sleeping, he is completely energized,flying around the house,in the morning, with a rope toy that had a preknotted end,jumping up onto my parents' high bed ,wakes up my mom.Then, he crawls into bed with her.After that, he scratches himself and sometimes he hits her on accident.That is my story about Zoose.